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The St. Sava Serbian Orthodox Church is part of the Serbian Orthodox Diocese of Eastern America, under the Omophor of his Grace, Dr. Bishop Mitrophon. While most parishioners are Serbian and Serbian speaking, we are also blessed to have English speaking Orthodox Christians born in America, as well those with Russian, Greek, Bulgarian and Mecedonian backgrounds. Thus we equally serve in three languages: Church Slavonic, Serbian and English. Our parish is open to all Orthodox Christians as well as anyone interested in Orthodoxy.
Српска Православна Црква Свети Сава је део Српске Православне Епархије Истончно-Америчке, под омифором Његовог Преосвештенства Господина Др. Митрофана. Поред већине парохијана који су Срби и говоре српски, Бог је нас благословио да имамо и Православне Хришћане рођене у Америци који говоре енглески, као и парохијане Руског, Грчког, Бугарског и Македонског порекла. С тога подједнако служимо на три језика: Црквенословенском, Српском и Енглеском. Наша парохија је отворена за све Православне Хришћане, као и за све оне које су заинтересовани за Православље.
St. Sava
St. Sava
St. Sava
Patriarch Irinej
Patriarch Irinej
Patriarch Irinej
Bishop Mitrophan
Bishop Mitrophan
Bishop Mitrophan

Upcoming Services
Saturday, 9 / 22 October
5:00 Vespers
Sunday, 10 / 23 October
8:00 Matins
9:30 Divine Liturgy
Thursday, 14 / 27 October
9:00 Divine Liturgy
Saturday, 16 / 29 October
5:00 Vespers
Sunday, 17 / 30 October
8:00 Matins
9:30 Divine Liturgy
Monday, 18 / 31 October
9:00 Divine Liturgy
Saturday, 23 October / 5 November
9:00 Divine Liturgy
5:00 Vespers
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Rukoplozenje Sinise Hrvacevica/ The Ordination of Sinisa Hrvacevic

Rukoploženje Siniše Hrvačevića u čin prezvitera / The Ordination of Siniša Hrvačević to the Holy Priesthood

(26 images)

St Sava Summer Camp 2014

St Sava Summer Camp 2014

(16 images)

St Sava Church and June 28 - For Serbia

Flood relief for Serbia and Republika Srpska - 05/24/14

(28 images)

Srpski Biser Koncert April 26, 2014

Koncert Srpskog Bisera

(164 images)

Church School Slava - St Nikolai of Serbia. Andrej and Natača Mičić, Kumovi

St Nikolai 2014 - 03/16/14

(76 images)

Srpski Biser u Bijeljini/Srpski Biser in Bijeljina 2013

Srpski Biser u Bijeljini - 06/27/13

(14 images)

Srpski Biser u Patrijarsiji/Srpski Biser at Patriarchate

Srpski Biser at the Patriarchate - 06/24/13

(11 images)

Srpski Biser na Zemun Polju/Srpski Biser at Zemun Polje

Srpski Biser in Zemun Polje - 06/23/13

(67 images)

Srpski Biser u Veneciji
Srpski Biser u Veneciji
Festival Folklora/Folklore Festival 2013

Folklore Festival - 05/11/13

(134 images)

Manastir Sv. Nikola/St. Nicholas Monastery

St Noicholas Monastery - 04/13/13

(40 images)

Crkvena Slava/Church Slava 2013

Crkvena Slava/Church Slava - 01/27/13

(81 images)

Srpski Biser 30th Anniversary Concert

30th Anniversary Concert

(88 images)

Combined Concert

Combined Concert - 08/04/12

Talija from Belgrade and Serbian Pearl danced together on a wonder evening in August. Take a look!

(144 images)

Trip to Atlanta

Trip to Atlanta - 07/15/12

We visited the parish of the Holy Apostles Peter in Paul for their Church Slava July 14-15, 2012. Here are a few photos.

(18 images)

Trip to Atlanta
Folklore Slava

Slava Srpskog Bisera - 11/20/11

(25 images)

SerbFest 2011

(30 images)

Kolo Slava 2011

Kolo Slava 2011

(5 images)

Svetosavski Glasnik/St. Sava Messenger
09/01/11 - Svetosavski Glasnik/St. Sava Messenger
06/01/11 - Svetosavski Glasnik/St. Sava Messenger
Hall Rental
Hall Rental

Our Saint Sava Parish Hall is available for rental. Please call 727-527-8738 for available dates and rates. Catering is available. Prices are reasonable.

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St. Sava Serbian Orthodox Church
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Saint Petersburg, Florida 33702

Email and Phone
(727) 527-8738 (Phone)
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Church School is held Sundays after the Divine Liturgy

Црквена Школа се одржава недељом после Свете Литургије

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